KSI is not funny...

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  1. Kenni
    преди 4 дни

    This is clickbait but i like the sidemen so i take that back

  2. TheInfernoKing 123
    TheInfernoKing 123
    преди 5 дни


  3. AlexTheBest
    преди 8 дни

    Clickbait at its finest

  4. Stallzy
    преди 8 дни

    0:39 simon doing the w2s lip thing nearly lol

  5. Aden Warrington
    Aden Warrington
    преди 23 дни

    Who else read the thumbnail as “what the Dubai”

  6. Alex Santimano
    Alex Santimano
    преди 25 дни

    The robot noises got me

  7. Alec Lu
    Alec Lu
    преди 26 дни

    can we get more of this game

  8. Mr. Worldwide
    Mr. Worldwide
    преди месец

    Harry is a national treasure.

    преди месец

    You guys should do more of this but with the whole sideman 😂😂

  10. K U R T O O N
    K U R T O O N
    преди месец


  11. ER AN
    ER AN
    преди месец

    sus why ethan wasn’t there

  12. R Achel
    R Achel
    преди месец

    one day their editor is not gonna blur these videos for harry

  13. Eddie Aliu
    Eddie Aliu
    преди месец

    I really enjoyed this video, y’all should make more of these dub ones

  14. Eddie Aliu
    Eddie Aliu
    преди месец

    Who else likes the sidemen ⬇️

  15. Kaplunks NR
    Kaplunks NR
    преди месец

    vikk is so boring in these games

  16. Fresh
    преди месец

    And people say vik isn’t funny

  17. KeyAstro
    преди месец


  18. Settingsama
    преди месец


  19. Random brown dude
    Random brown dude
    преди месец

    0:41 Simon nailed the "Harry"

  20. LANCEL0T
    преди месец

    Shouldve put "at all those chickens!" When it said look

  21. Kasper Jørgensen
    Kasper Jørgensen
    преди месец

    More of this please

  22. 5DB Kain
    5DB Kain
    преди месец

    yall gotta play airconsole

    преди месец

    I hate you literally clickbaited us to get more fu**ing money this isn't funny and guess what i had 0 ads who's laughing now

  24. General Cheese
    General Cheese
    преди месец

    Ketneek might not be funny, but this game is.

  25. Metallic Twister
    Metallic Twister
    преди месец

    so harry isnt funny

  26. Saint Arj
    Saint Arj
    преди месец

    The sidemen are master clickbaiters

  27. Rylan Davies
    Rylan Davies
    преди месец

    God this is funny more please

  28. Chelsea
    преди месец

    The title ksi is not funny Me we don't need a sidemen video to tell us that

  29. Justin butler
    Justin butler
    преди месец

    Look Is that hit rapper dababy

  30. Kizdon
    преди месец

    The second one has to be LOOK!! Its ethans dad

  31. Anton McRoff
    Anton McRoff
    преди месец

    They wasted a perfectly good opportunity to use 'to be fair tho'😑my dissapointment is immeasurable

  32. Brendan Bassett
    Brendan Bassett
    преди месец

    Is this free to play?

  33. shasky taveras
    shasky taveras
    преди месец

    That was a fun game, keep doing it

  34. SugarrMann
    преди месец


  35. __Downrangetomb55 __
    __Downrangetomb55 __
    преди месец

    Took me so long to realise Harry was "KSI" was wondering why JJ wasnt speaking

  36. Sahil Sagwekar VEVO
    Sahil Sagwekar VEVO
    преди месец

    So it wasn't clickbait afterall

  37. Vincent Marandola
    Vincent Marandola
    преди месец

    Upload date Tuesday 20th April 2021

  38. YoungJayBizzle
    преди месец

    This game is jokes, plz do more 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Jaysen Nick
    Jaysen Nick
    преди 2 месеца

    Ksi took an L here bois

  40. Jordan Wolhuter
    Jordan Wolhuter
    преди 2 месеца

    The way I predicted look its ksis forehead😂😂

  41. skye Xo
    skye Xo
    преди 2 месеца

    Am I the only one that can’t work out how only Ethan is missing but there are only 5 playing?

  42. Jeoq
    преди 2 месеца

    5:04 harry, still harry 4:26

  43. Jeoq
    преди 2 месеца

    this is so dead ngl, just stick to quiplash

  44. ameer meerza Zulkiflee
    ameer meerza Zulkiflee
    преди 2 месеца

    Part 2 pls!! 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Alex Rogers
    Alex Rogers
    преди 2 месеца

    Not as good as mad verse city

  46. Ben Davison
    Ben Davison
    преди 2 месеца

    7:34 "Remember what I said, no Russian"

  47. Saor
    преди 2 месеца

    This was dead

  48. Zootopian Noobs
    Zootopian Noobs
    преди 2 месеца

    "KSI is not funny..." - Vikstar, 2021

  49. Dustin Brewer
    Dustin Brewer
    преди 2 месеца

    Petition to make moresidemen vids 30 minutes

  50. E E E E E E E E E
    E E E E E E E E E
    преди 2 месеца

    Play this more

  51. Moldy_Pineapplez YT
    Moldy_Pineapplez YT
    преди 2 месеца

    He put england is my city and non of them said wait that's not a city.

  52. Jåčķ leech
    Jåčķ leech
    преди 2 месеца

    Is it just me or did anyone else have that little voice sounding like Ethan saying ‘lads lads lads. I’ve had a stinker here’ when his mothers bum got mentions?

  53. Clifford Owusu Ansah
    Clifford Owusu Ansah
    преди 2 месеца

    Haha so funny

  54. YTEurope HDGaming
    YTEurope HDGaming
    преди 2 месеца

    I'm downloading this game, it looks fucking jokes😆😆😆😆

  55. Kathrine Breda
    Kathrine Breda
    преди 2 месеца

    Harry’s humor is so dark, it flies over most people’s heads.

    1. Doesn't Matter
      Doesn't Matter
      преди 3 дни

      And then into the south tower?

  56. El_Joshu
    преди 2 месеца

    I’ve been bamboozled I clicked for jj

  57. Kingdjmax 12
    Kingdjmax 12
    преди 2 месеца

    we gonna skip the thirteen gun thing

  58. The Animetion
    The Animetion
    преди 2 месеца


  59. Flash Dust
    Flash Dust
    преди 2 месеца

    Were Do You Guys Find These Games lmao

  60. Jodie Harmston
    Jodie Harmston
    преди 2 месеца

    Love it 😂 would love you guys to do another one!!

  61. Saad Haque
    Saad Haque
    преди 2 месеца

    More of this game

  62. paul o rourke
    paul o rourke
    преди 2 месеца

    Playing a game e called what the fuck I mean what the dub

  63. Baron Sionis
    Baron Sionis
    преди 2 месеца

    Damn, practically none of these were funny, toilet humour gets extremely old after a while.

  64. Andres Monge
    Andres Monge
    преди 2 месеца

    Can someone explain what happened to JJ?

  65. W - DAN
    W - DAN
    преди 2 месеца

    Who​ else​ seeing​ ksi​ in​ a​ny clip​ after​ Jake​ fights​ and​ was​ hoping​ he​ would​ be​ mentioning it​ a​ bit​ or​ say​ something​ about​ it​ 😂

  66. Mathilde Levy
    Mathilde Levy
    преди 2 месеца

    Do a part 2

  67. William Smart
    William Smart
    преди 2 месеца

    Do more of this

  68. Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell
    преди 2 месеца

    So we know that Harry's censored moment contained a swear word the game would recognise and that Tobi and JJ are the only ones to ever have repeated it. Hmm....

  69. Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell
    преди 2 месеца

    more codenames pls

  70. Ben Spike
    Ben Spike
    преди 2 месеца

    Vik actually managed to make some people laugh

  71. Toboloco
    преди 2 месеца

    *robotic noises*

  72. Oscar Veal
    Oscar Veal
    преди 2 месеца


  73. ItzzYB
    преди 2 месеца

    Lool click bate

  74. M-B FRIS
    M-B FRIS
    преди 2 месеца

    Just for the thumbnail you’ve your dislike

  75. SWAZE!
    преди 2 месеца

    I want more :(

  76. henry hatton
    henry hatton
    преди 2 месеца

    Please play more of this. Also bring back rap city???

  77. Ꭱite
    преди 2 месеца


  78. Simen Storøy
    Simen Storøy
    преди 2 месеца

    This is such a fun game

  79. J B
    J B
    преди 2 месеца

    We know know a Harry censored moment was a word with 5 letters. Progress lads

  80. Ziyad Alharbi
    Ziyad Alharbi
    преди 2 месеца

    I swear I watch this when it came out but shit Harry disgust me

  81. JJ Olatunji
    JJ Olatunji
    преди 2 месеца

    Vikstar and TBJZL STINK AND EXTREMELY BORING especially when he writes appropriate words get him out that's the only reason I don't subscribe to its channel and other people

  82. Scrappi
    преди 2 месеца


  83. Christian Smaira
    Christian Smaira
    преди 2 месеца

    Where can i play the game

    1. Mark Zorn
      Mark Zorn
      преди 2 месеца

      It's available on Steam, Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation

  84. Neddyj J
    Neddyj J
    преди 2 месеца

    You should 100% play gartic phone it’s basically the same but you get to start a story and the next person has to draw it then next person has to describe the drawing

  85. Ihsan Hassani
    Ihsan Hassani
    преди 2 месеца

    It’s boring without fatneek

  86. Parrydodger
    преди 2 месеца

    These videos would be a lot better if you lot weren't so worried about being cancelled. I noticed on recent videos harry is always at the bottom now because he still doesn't give af and so you guys don't vote for him out of fear of being cancelled. It's really pathetic. Please stop.

  87. Cameron Cl
    Cameron Cl
    преди 2 месеца

    Do this with the rest off the sidemen

  88. Manish S
    Manish S
    преди 2 месеца

    Boring sorry sideman step up

  89. Ali Omar
    Ali Omar
    преди 2 месеца

    Do part 2 with the real KSI

    преди 2 месеца

    bruh i need a part 2

  91. Sebastian Lico
    Sebastian Lico
    преди 2 месеца

    i wonder if the time is affecting their answers

  92. Thanos Purple
    Thanos Purple
    преди 2 месеца

    you guys should play gartic phone

  93. Jamie H
    Jamie H
    преди 2 месеца

    Terrible but funny

  94. pinstripe11
    преди 2 месеца

    We need another round with JJ and Ethan

  95. Mrpiggy9x
    преди 2 месеца

    Well harrys clickbait idea worked lol

  96. Digilyn
    преди 2 месеца

    7:34 im so disappointed none of them put no russian for this one

  97. Marry rigs DaBby doo
    Marry rigs DaBby doo
    преди 2 месеца

    well i got clickbaited

  98. Thomas Burd
    Thomas Burd
    преди 2 месеца

    They gotta do this again. With all members!

  99. Itsjackinth3hat
    преди 2 месеца

    I clicked just cause of the title

  100. Aseer Shameem
    Aseer Shameem
    преди 2 месеца

    9:30 bro this entire round was wild, how y'all think of this stuff?? 😂 😂 😂 😭 😭 😭